Bathroom accessories KOIN

KOIN, D.O.O.: 50 years of tradition, quality, innovations and new trends

KOIN, a manufacturer, exporter, importer and a wholesaler of bathroom equipment, managed by the third generation of the İmid family, is a fine example of a successful Slovenian entrepreneurial story, especially because this activity has to face strong global competition. The company with its headquarters and production plant in Ljubljana, was founded in 1963 as a craft workshop, in entirely different times and in a completely different business environment than today. After the independence of Slovenia, the collapse of the old and the opening of new markets, in 1990, KOIN became a modern company, and after half a century of operation it continues to develop and present new, innovative and trendy products, steadily expanding its business.

The company’s success and the popularity of the internationally recognized brand KOIN, is the result of the complete dedication of the family to business, professional and hard-working people, a good business strategy and management, as well as continuous investment into modern looks, functionality and the highest quality products. They are manufactured using the most modern technology that allows great flexibility to meet individual requirements and the needs of their customers. KOIN with its bathroom equipment made of metal and plastic, which is appropriate even for the most demanding customers who want to equip individual residences, public buildings and facilities for persons with disabilities, is now present in all the markets of former Yugoslavia. Even the demanding German and Austrian markets have been ordering them for a long time, because they appreciate the modern looks and the durability of its certified products.

Many years of tradition and the preservation of this industry in Slovenia have contributed to the ability of the company to meet high European quality standards, whereby the new modern production line enables the company to retain the position of the leading company in this industry, since it can compete with its products with regard to both quality and price with manufacturers from the West as well as with cheaper manufacturers from the East. KOIN is already thinking about the future and is developing new products that will continue the story of success of the founder Drago İmid for another 50 years.


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